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Pixelan Blur-Sharpen effect plugins
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DissolveMaster Reviews & Testimonialstechnical supportBlur-Sharpen plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, After Effects, CyberLink PowerDirector, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Magix Video Pro. Bundle savings on Pixelan video effects plugins convert prices to your currency Special deals for existing users of Pixelan plugins Click here to BUY Pixelan video effects plugins

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These blur-sharpen plugins are for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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BlurBlender Pro video blur effects plugin


Smart Blur Pro video blur effects plugin


Smart Sharpen Pro video blur effects plugin


All-new, Affordable Pixelan Blur-Sharpen Tools plugins released!

New Upgrade Bundles for existing users are also available!


Dear Pixelan plugin user,

Thanks for being a Pixelan user. Many of you have been with us for 15+ years, using several (or all) plugins from us in your productions. Well, after over a year of development, here's our big news in a nutshell:


We are happy to release our all-new GPU-accelerated Blur-Sharpen Tools plugins. Blur-Sharpen Tools includes BlurBlender Pro, Smart Blur Pro, and Smart Sharpen Pro as well as a "basic" BlurBlender.

The three Pro plugins are available as a bundle to existing Pixelan users like you for only $59. Buy the bundle now and you will also get a handy Photoshop version of Smart Sharpen Pro included FREE. Altogether that's a $106 value, thus you can save $47 for a limited-time. Individual plugins are as low as $24.

The plugins each offer unique capabilities that have never before been available to video editors. Yes, that is a BIG claim, but it is very true (see the details below).

• To learn more about these new plugins, watch example movies, or try a demo, please go here.
• To buy Blur-Sharpen Tools at the special price, go here. (see the second box down on the right)

Okay, now for a few more details. Below are five examples of what Blur-Sharpen Tools can do for you:

1. Highly-adjustable SMART blurring and sharpening optimized for high-res video (including 4K). That means keeping details/sharpness when smoothing areas in-between, and no ugly artifacts when sharpening a slightly out-of-focus or soft scene. Smart Blur Pro and Smart Sharpen Pro work together wonderfully to add extra DEPTH to your shots.  With just a few clicks, the effects are easily organically masked to only where you want them to be within the scene! NEVER has this blur/sharpen power been previously available.

2. UNIQUE blurs (not the same old standards) that can be blended and adjusted in useful new ways. BlurBlender Pro includes 650+ presets of unique blurs -- including linear blurs, linear cross blurs, winds/flares/accents, radial blurs, radial cross blurs, spin/spiral blurs, spot/edge/diorama blurs, blended blurs, and light ray effects. ALL can be easily masked to blur only where you want within your image.

3. Blur effects optimized for TITLES to create numerous text/title looks not possible previously. This also applies to other alpha channel graphics such as logos and lower-thirds. BlurBlender Pro is a fresh compelling way to organically reveal and fade out a title with a blur, or to modify the text's style.

4. RANDOMIZE blurs within any clip. Pulse or change blurs within multiple random parameters you easily set with a few clicks. This feature alone will pay for the plugin in time saved compared to manually trying to approximate a randomized blur look.

5. Last but not least... SPEED. The plugins are GPU-accelerated, so you will not wait long for the effects to render. You will also save significant time by easily comparing and choosing effects from our big, visual Effects Browser. No tiny thumbnails or name-only listings that make you guess. Quickly compare, mark, and choose from well-organized presets. Save favorites and organize them per project, client, etc.

I encourage you to visit our Blur-Sharpen Tools main page to view its many features and example movies. There you can download our demo to give it a try -- you'll be delighted at their speed and power! Vegas users get it as an OFX plugin. Premiere Pro and After Effects users get it fully integrated with native effect controls. Premiere Elements, Cyberlink, and Magix users get our cool custom interface.

One final note: if you have only one or a few Pixelan plugins, we have reformulated our upgrade Bundles. Even more value and savings are now possible. Please see our upgrade page to add any bundle.

Thanks again for being a Pixelan user.

Questions? Contact us -- we'll respond promptly. Enjoy!


Michael Feerer
Pixelan Software