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Most video editing software can "punch out" titles to show lower content, but only SpiceMaster can easily blend and animate content, colors, highlights, etc. within titles as desired. In fact, you can use SpiceMaster to easily animate virtually ANY video effect (built-in or third party) in your system that is applied to a title. SpiceMaster also provides unique organic effects of its own that are terrific for titles. The effects can be pulsed, flowed, intensified, etc. over time with bezier keyframe control.

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1. Synch two copies of the SAME title clip in adjacent tracks of your timeline. (In most systems, this means one clip copy will be directly above the other copy.) Additionally, you may have background clip(s) under both title clips.


2. To ONE title clip copy (not both), create the different look you want to animate/flow, such as a different color, highlighting, or applied effects (built-in or third-party).

3. Apply the SpiceMaster as effect to the TOP title clip in your timeline. Be sure to also activate the alpha channel key in the TOP clip, if required by your editing software.

4. Go to the
PIP+ pane of SpiceMaster. Choose Choose > Title/Alpha. Note: If the title clip has a black background, instead choose Choose > Title/Alpha on Black. If the title clip has a white background, choose Choose > Title/Alpha on White. Turn Switch Clips option On if SpiceMaster is applied onto the clip's tail.

Effect submenu

5. Set up the effect. In the main area of SpiceMaster, click the Choose Spice File button to select a spice design. Then adjust the effect using controls in the Edge or Depth panes.

Choose Spice File


• To reverse the direction of an iris-like effect, click the Invert button next to the spice image.

Invert button

• To start (or end) the title's animation exactly at the beginning (or end) of the clip, in SpiceMaster's Keyframes area right-click in the graph's gray background and deselect Sync preview. Then move the blue vertical preview marker to just before the last keyframe (or just after the first keyframe) Now drag the last (or first) keyframe down (or up) while watching the preview to see when the visual end (or beginning) occurs.


• To invert the title area altered by the effect, turn on the Invert Alpha check box in the PIP+ pane of the SpiceMaster.

More Examples

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The title's blue color and white border organically erodes from left to right as the title scales larger. All aspects of this effect were accomplished with SpiceMaster.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
As the Saturday Night text zooms larger, a multicolor noise filter controlled by SpiceMaster animates outward within the text.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
In the Revealing title of this trio, SpiceMaster adds a light sheen and border edge after organically revealing the title.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
The D1 title clip did not have such a border originally, but SpiceMaster added that enhancement in addition to organically "dripping" the title onto the background.


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