BackSpiceMaster -- TUTORIAL -- How to Create Directional Fades for Title Rolls & Crawls

Fade titles seamlessly as they enter or leave the frame (or any other area, such as near a graphic or PIP) to add a terrific but subtle touch to credit rolls and text crawls. SpiceMaster does this flexibly and quickly compared to manually creating fixed, nonadjustable mattes.

Example Images

Example Images 



1. "Sandwich" the title clip. Overlay your title clip above a background clip in your timeline. Next, above BOTH clips, synch a copy of the SAME background clip that is in the bottom track. (In most systems, this means all three clips will be directly above each other -- see image below.)

2. Put the title in motion. Use your diting software's or CG program's motion capabilities to roll or crawl the title clip as desired.

3. Apply the SpiceMaster to the TOP background clip.
Be sure to also activate the alpha channel key in the TOP clip. How to do this depends on your editing software.


4. Set up the effect. In the main area of SpiceMaster, click the Choose Spice button to select a spice with the effect geometry you desire. To feather the frame edge, for example, choose Spices/Irises1/Frame C in the Library. Be sure to also apply some Softness.

5. Set the edge feathering. Choose the 'Hold for entire duration' Progress Preset and adjust that keyframe value up or down to set the feathering depth.


• This technique also works for seamlessly fading other moving content besides titles, such as PIPs (picture-in-picture effects).


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