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Looking for a true film look? Even if you have a film-look plug-in for adding grain, you're not all of the way there without also being able to apply true FILM dissolves. SpiceMaster PRO solves that need with its powerful MIXER control. Even better, the MIXER synergizes film dissolves with the unique power of spices. That means you can also apply DIRECTIONAL film dissolves -- an industry first and a very useful new capability for videographers and filmmakers! Plus, the MIXER enhances SpiceMaster's other creative capabilities. So you can easily form custom effect animations and terrific spice variations that visually tie to your clips!

How does the MIXER work? It variably alters (via a keyframable slider) any spice effect you choose with the luminance in your clips. Simple in concept, but extremely powerful in use. Note that the MIXER is keyframable.

Below are a few examples of this "must have" new feature. But keep in mind the examples don't really do it justice -- please try the MIXER slider for yourself!

A Few MIXER Examples

Above is a soft elliptical reveal by SpiceMaster, positioned over the pupil to animate a color effect softly outward.

With the MIXER blended in at 50% strength, the reveal still starts at the pupil but now also softly diffuses into nearby darker pixels of the clip, like a film dissolve.

Negative MIXER blend diffuses the spice effect into nearby lighter areas of the clip, creating yet another useful variation. Since the MIXER is adjustable with a slider (and keyframable), you can variably blend its strength with the spice effect's geometry.

A second example: a subtle, elegant SpiceMaster directional dissolve, which has always been a great alternative to standard dissolves. This one originates from the top right corner.

With the MIXER blended in, now the dissolve spreads first into the darker pixels in the phaoroh image, much like a film dissolve.

Negative MIXER blend creates a dissolve variation that spreads into lighter pixels first.


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