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After you set the basic design of the spice effect by choosing a spice file, SpiceMaster can do much more to fine-tune and enhance it. Use the powerful controls in the Edge and Depth panes to add softness, texture, border, shadow, glow, bevel or ripple qualities.

While exploring, keep these tips in mind:

• To loop-play SpiceMaster while adjusting effects,
click the blue Play button. This can speed fine-tuning.

Play button

• To choose from a huge collection of saved settings that will instantly configure ALL controls of SpiceMaster, click Load Preset button.

Black bar
• To access useful presets for an effect section, click the blue FX folder icon at the right edge of any section. Combining presets from different sections can quickly generate hundreds of new effects!


• SpiceMaster has 10+ undo/redo's available
so you can easily experiment. To undo one or more changes, click the yellow Undo button. To redo the change, click the adjacent green Redo button. If either is not available, the button will be dim.

Undo/redo buttons

Initially, SpiceMaster's preview shows a frame that is midway (50%) in the effect's duration. To play or stop the preview, click the blue Play button that is under the preview. To jump to the beginning or end of the effect, click the First Frame or Last Frame button. To advance or go back one frame, click the Next Frame or Previous Frame button.

Preview controls

To scrub to any frame during the effect, drag the slider under preview or blue vertical frame marker left or right in the keyframe graph. Or, hold down the E key.

To go to a specific relative frame via timecode or frame count (a choice you can make in the Prefs pane), enter the frame in the white Current Frame box that is left of the preview buttons, as shown below.

Current Frame box

How to Increase the Preview Speed

SpiceMaster's built-in preview usually can maintain a real-time pace even on older/slower computers. If the preview appears too choppy, SpiceMaster includes few ways to speed processing up. Please see the preview options in the Prefs pane.

How to Alter Other Preview Properties

Click the preview to toggle between viewing the source image and the output.


• The effect's total duration is shown to the right of the preview buttons. The total duration of a SpiceMaster is set in the timeline of your video editing software, not in SpiceMaster. However, you can shorten an effect within that total duration by using SpiceMaster's Keyframes area. In the Progress graph, click on the keyframe line to add two new keyframes near the start and end of the effect, giving the keyframes 0% (and 100%) values vertically. Then drag the keyframes left or right to set the timing of the shortening.

Completion Presets

Go to the black button bar at the lower right corner of SpiceMaster to apply (or clear) your effect, or to exit SpiceMaster.

Black bar

To apply the effect you've created, click the green Apply Current Settings 'check mark' button.

To exit SpiceMaster without changes,
click the standard 'X' Close button at the top right of the SpiceMaster window.

To clear all settings back to your default SpiceMaster effect,
but retain the chosen spice file and NOT leave SpiceMaster, click the yellow Clear '-' button. To clear all settings except the chosen spice file to the "factory" default effect, Alt-click the yellow Clear '-' button. To also clear the chosen spice during either previously mentioned clear, also press the Ctrl key.todo


• When exiting without changes, SpiceMaster will ask you to confirm that action. To skip confirmation (be careful!), go to the Prefs pane and turn OFF the Confirm clearing/exiting check box.

• To see what version of SpiceMaster you are using,
click the Pixelan logo in the black bar area.

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