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Each 'spice' file is a specially-designed grayscale map that guides SpiceMaster. The SpiceMaster effect will begin where blackest pixels reside (in the spice file's image, not your content), then proceed to where lighter grays reside, and finally end where the whitest pixels exist in the spice image. It's simple in concept but incredibly flexible and organic in its creative possibilities compared to the usual hard-edged, limited-adjustment, standard algorithmic effects.

Example imagesExample images

Although conceptually similar, spices are quite unlike the typical gradient or alpha wipe. Spice designs are wonderfully organic and useful instead of cheesy. Spices collectively have thousands of hours of pixel-by-pixel fine-tuning for studio-quality, ultra-smooth performance. And in SpiceMaster, spices become far more than 'just' transitions due to SpiceMaster's power and versatility.

How to Choose a Spice File

1. Click the large Choose Spice File button located in the Spice section of SpiceMaster. SpiceMaster's Library window will then appear.

2. Click a subfolder in the Library's left pane, as shown below. Thumbnail-size previews of available effects will then appear in the right pane so you can visually compare and choose the best effect design for your segment.


To see subfolders, click the "+" next to a folder in the left pane, if necessary. Subfolders organize SpiceMaster's huge quantity of effects into distinct styles.

3. Double-click a thumbnail
in the Library's right pane to select the effect and close the Library. Its file name will appear in the Choose Spice button and After Effects preview will immediately update to the effect. Or, single-click a thumbnail to see animated grayscale preview while keeping the Library open.


• Use the Mixer slider to modify the spice's geometry partially or entirely by the luminance of your clip.
This powerful new feature can quickly produce an enormous new range of spice effects, including FILM dissolves and terrific spice variations that visually tie to your clips. Try the slider and see for yourself!

• To quickly choose a spice you have used recently,
Ctrl-click the Choose Spice button. Up to nine prior choices will appear in a pop-up list -- most recent first. (Note: "Prior choices" are those that have been selected and applied in SpiceMaster, not just viewed from the Library.)

• To choose a spice but bypass the Library, Alt-click the Choose Spice button to get a standard Open dialog box. Then navigate to and select the file. This is how you can load a gradient/alpha wipe or black & white matte you have created (or have from other software) that you may not want to keep in the Library.

To quickly choose a spice via a multi-level menu, Shift-click the Choose Spice button.


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