BackSpiceMaster -- Basic Steps -- Fine-Tune & Enhance the Effect

After you set the basic design of the spice effect by choosing a spice file, SpiceMaster can do much more to fine-tune and enhance it. Use the powerful controls in the Edge and Depth panes to add softness, texture, border, shadow, glow, bevel or ripple qualities.

While exploring, keep these tips in mind:

• To choose from a huge collection of saved settings that will instantly configure ALL controls of SpiceMaster, click Click here to load a preset... button.

• To access useful presets for an effect section, click the Section Presets menu at the top of any section. Combining presets from different sections can quickly generate hundreds of new effects!


• The effect's total duration is shown to the right of the preview buttons. The total duration of a SpiceMaster is set in the timeline of your video editing software, not in SpiceMaster. However, you can shorten an effect within that total duration by using Keyframes. In the Progress graph, add two new keyframes near the start and end of the effect, giving the keyframes 0% (and 100%) values vertically. Then drag the keyframes left or right to set the timing of the shortening.

Completion Presets

• To see what version of SpiceMaster you are using, click the About button at the top of the SpiceMaster, next to the SpiceMaster name.

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