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Texture provides additional organic edge control in your effect. It can add trailing sparkles, powders, visual noise, edge texture and animation to SpiceMaster effects (including PIPs). It can also build organic, cutting-edge new looks from existing spice effects.

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More about texture techniques are below:
How to Apply Texture
How to Vary Texture During the Effect

How to Apply Texture

To apply texture,
drag the Texture > Amount slider to progressively increase the effect. Or enter a value (from 0 to 1.0) in the slider's box.

Texture controls

Then fine-tune the effect with:
X Size and Y Size to set the horizontal and vertical size of texture elements.
to progressively reduce the density of texture elements.

Spectrum to generate cloud-like patterns.
to progressively add random movement/animation to the texture elements over time.

Try the many Texture presets
-- by clicking the Section Presets button at the top of the Texture section. That will quickly show you many organic capabilities of Texture. Mix and match with presets from other SpiceMaster sections and various spice files to produce a huge variety of fresh effects!

How to Vary Texture During the Effect

For further creative flexibility, you can smoothly vary Texture over time, such as to gradually 'materialize' a title, graphic, or background, or to increase organic qualities as an effect progresses.To vary softness over time, first click on the Animate icon next to the Texture slider you want to vary.

In the Keyframes area, the keyframe graph for the above control will appear. Go to a desired frame that you want to set a value for and drag the slider.

To add more keyframes, repeat as desired.


Texture is a powerful way to animate existing OrganicFX spices, increasing their organic realism. Apply a slight amount of Texture animation to an OrganicFX\Textures or OrganicFX\Climatics spice, for example. Experiment!

Texture Examples

Example Images  View movie at our web site
In this action scene, the snow-like texture elements reveal the skier in a very dynamic manner.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Texture combined with beveling provides a unique depth effect to the incoming ski clip.

Example Images  View movie at our web site
Texture provides a sparkling shimmer to this organic transition's edge as it closes toward the subject. Also, the transparency of the first clip is subtly increasing during the effect -- all via SpiceMaster.


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