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Premiere Pro (Windows, macOS)
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Premiere Elements (11/ltr Win-only)
CyberLink PowerDirector (12/ltr)
Sony Vegas (v11-v13)
Magix Movie Edit Pro (2013/later)
Magix Video Pro X (X4/later)
VEGAS Pro (14/later)
VEGAS Movie Studio (14/later)

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Uniquely Powerful and Fast Blur-Sharpen Effects Plugins -- NEW!

Do you have any of the creative video editing needs below that your existing blur effects or sharpen effects cannot solve? If yes, our three all-new Blur-Sharpen video effects plug-ins below may help you.
New! -- Mac versions for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects available.

• You have a creative vision in your project for a special blur effect that fades, blends, changes direction or shape, and organically/dynamically flows in compelling new ways that change over time.


• For HD or 4K footage, you need a smart blur effect for video that subtly smooths and blurs while retaining crisp edges and details.


• For a soft, slightly out-of-focus shot, you need an adjustable smart sharpen effect like Photoshop's (but optimized for video) that doesn’t add ugly artifacts.


Titles are important in your production. You need fresh title blur effects that are optimized for video text, lower-thirds, and other alpha channel elements.

• You want to easily leave certain areas untouched from your blur or sharpen effect -- a moving subject, the background, a color or color range, or just your model’s skin -- in an organic, evolving way that built-in mattes/masks tools cannot do.


• You are looking for terrific wind effects, flares, light rays, or accents. Or an easily controllable edge blur or miniature/diorama/tilt-shift blur for video.


• You want a random blur effect that pulses or randomizes within multiple constraints easily set.

• With a deadline, you must save time by easily comparing and choosing from hundreds of presets. AND not wait long for the effect to render.

Introducing three powerful new effects plugins to solve the above needs...

BlurBlender Pro video blur effects plugin


BlurBlender Pro

Go beyond your built-in blur effects or other blur plugins. With GPU-fast speed, quickly and easily customize and blend blurs (choose from 650+ professional presets) to create unique soft looks for your project. AND easily control where the blur effect appears within your scene.

The BlurBlender Pro effects plugin also does much more:

Blur TITLES, lower-thirds or other alpha channel graphics in compelling new ways optimized for video.


• Keyframe blur direction/length for terrific wind effects, flares, light rays, and accents. Easily control spot, edge, and miniature/ diorama/tilt-shift blurs too.


Randomize any of the above blur effects when desired, within precise constraints and with independent variable control!

Smart Blur Pro video blur effects plugin


Smart Blur Pro

Finally... a GPU-accelerated, high-precision smart blur effects plugin for everyday video editing projects as well as special effect needs.


• Adjustably retain desired details, highlights, and edges yet smoothly blur areas between.


• Accomplish the above exactly where desired in a scene without complicated, time-consuming masking -- via Pixelan's uniquely easy organic and spice masking.


Remove subtle noise or grain but keep key details and sharpness (especially in HD or 4K). For example, smooth skin and wrinkles yet retain eye/hair sharpness.


• At extreme settings create compelling dreamy surreal video effects -- great for wedding videography, dream/fantasy sequences, music videos, etc.

Smart Sharpen Pro video blur effects plugin


Smart Sharpen Pro


Smart sharpening has long been popular for graphics. Now it is available optimized for video (especially HD or 4K footage) as a fast GPU-accelerated plugin. Smart Sharpen Pro is a great complement to Smart Blur Pro.


• Sharpen blurry or soft slightly out-of-focus shots without introducing ugly artifacts.


• Accomplish the above exactly where desired in a scene without complicated, time-consuming masking -- via Pixelan's uniquely easy organic and spice masking.


• Retain the smoothness of a moving model’s skin, for example, while attractively sharpening eyes, hair, background, etc.


• Easily smart sharpen a moving object within a scene. No need for complicated tracking masks!

ALL Pixelan blur and sharpen plugins have these important advantages:


Near-Real-Time GPU Acceleration. Render very fast (near-real-time on many systems) utilizing the speed of your GPU/video card.

LARGE Visual Effects Browser. Quickly compare, mark, and choose from a wide array of useful, well-organized blur presets in our large Effects Browser. No tiny thumbnails or name-only listings that make you guess. Save your favorites and organize them per project, client, or any other way.

Time-Saving Section Presets. Per section of controls, easily compare and choose from dozens of compelling variations to your blur or sharpen effect -- a HUGE productivity advantage and a Pixelan exclusive.

Powerful Keyframing. Variably adjust virtually all controls to create dynamic blur or sharpen effects that attractively evolve over time.

GREAT technical support. See our user testimonials. Fast, personal, in-house tech support is a key reason why Pixelan is one of the longest-established video effects plugin companies in the world. It’s our 18th year! :)

Example Movies

Fresh Title FX with BlurBlender Pro

Fresh Title Effects with BlurBlender Pro

The BlurBlender Pro effects plugin in our Blur-Sharpen Tools bundle is a very versatile effect. One of its unique uses is to create fresh title effects / text effects in ways that the built-in blurs in your video editing program cannot do. You can use blurs to modify a title's visual look, or as an alternative to simple fading of a title in/out. This movie shows many examples from the almost infinite possibilities you can easily create with the BlurBlender Pro effects plugin.
Smart Blur Pro / Smart Sharpen Pro effects to add depth

Smart Blur/Sharpen Pro to Add Depth

Smart Sharpen Pro and Smart Blur Pro effects plugins in our Blur-Sharpen Tools bundle are very handy to add DEPTH to a scene. The "smart" aspect of the effects retain important details and clarity of your original shot. AND, highly-adjustable organic masking and shape-masking in these plugins allows you to place such effects exactly where needed. It's a terrific way to visually enhance many shots.