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SpiceMASTER video transitions price
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SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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SpiceMaster Plugin Versions Compared

SpiceMaster 2.5 prior versions
TFX PRO v2.0 v1.0

Video Transitions/Effects Plugins Included

SpiceMaster video transitions plugin
SpiceMaster video effects plugin
Quantity of customizable 'spices' (effect geometries) included
Includes 600 award-winning OrganicFX spices





Main Capabilities

Hundreds of Top-Rated Soft/Organic Custom Video Transitions
Customize/Animate OTHER Video Effects in a Scene/Clip
Powerful MIXER for FILM dissolves and luminance-blend effects
Soft/Organic Title Effects, Effects for Lower-Thirds & Graphics
Animated/Soft/Organic PIPs (Picture-In-Picture Effects)
Resolution Independent; 16:9 and HD Compatibility

Effect Customization

Adjust/customize while previewing transition or effect
Adjust effect's position, speed, motion, softness, border, shadow
Edge texture and glow effect enhancements
Additional texture and border customization
Bevel/ripple effect enhancements
Additional softness style for ultra-soft effects and transitions
Rotation/spin effects for effects and transtions
All effect enhancements are independently keyframable
Modular presets combine instantly into THOUSANDS of video effects
Powerful MIXER for FILM dissolves and luminance-blend effects


Smoothly accelerate/decelerate completion/speed of effect
Presets palette to instantly set speed/acceleration
Easy ultra-smooth BEZIER curve keyframing of controls
Set keyframes numerically/precisely or by copy/paste
Customize keyframe graph's display/zoom
View a particular frame while adjusting keyframes elsewhere
Snap a keyframe to the current frame
Quickly toggle/synch keyframe graphs for different controls
Instantly flip/invert/scale/move/copy entire keyframe line



Real-time previewing within SpiceMaster (most systems)

Real-time animations of spices in Library
Interactively make any effect adjustments while previewing
Multi-processor optimized

Other Plugin Features

Drag or numerically adjust effect position within scene
Reveal/erode titles directionally AND softly/organically
Softly flow highlights, colors or blended images within titles
Bezier-controlled ultra-soft 'directional' dissolves/fades
Beautiful ultra-soft Slide/Zoom/Drop effects
Motion-tracking of effect to follow video subject
Safe areas indicator/broadcast color-safe limiting of output
Downloadable -- no shipping charges or delay


100+ Undo/redo's available
In minutes learn all essentials
Context-sensitive, comprehensive, visual built-in help system
Access entire help without running SpiceMaster
Print-optimized PDF version of built-in help system

Saving /Loading Favorite Effects

Instantly re-choose prior-used spices
Hundreds of USEFUL saved settings to instantly apply
Presets that combine instantly into THOUSANDS of new FX
Organize/save/recall favorite spice files in Library
Can color spice thumbnails as visual reminders
Open-ended; accepts alpha wipes, etc. from other programs
Compare effect geometries while previewing
Visual preview/animation of saved settings before choosing
Create your own presets and saved settings
Set default effect to any desired spice/enhancements
All-new presets and saved settings included
Currently active preset visually indicated