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Adobe Premiere effects plug-ins
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Adobe After Effects plugins
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Pixelan video effects plug-ins

Celebrating Our 17th Year of developing amazing video effects plugins

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Our Most Popular Video Effects

FilmTouch 2.0 Released  NEW!

Up to 500+ hardware-accelerated film looks. The best VALUE in custom film looks video effects plugins!
More...  Press Release

Plugins for CyberLink/Magix  NEW!

Cool plugins for CyberLink PowerDirector 12, Magix Movie Edit Pro 18/2013/2014, and Magix Video Pro X4/X5 now available!
CyberLink...  Magix...  Press Releases


DissolveMaster 1.1 Released  NEW!

All-new hardware-accelerated plugin for Premiere, After Effects, Sony Vegas, CyberLink, Magix. The ULTIMATE dissolve transitions plugin and way to animate video effects within a single clip.
More...  Press Release

Save With Effects Plugin Bundles

Buy more than one effects plugin to save! More...  Press Release

Our new plugin for Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, After Effects creates custom film dissolve transitions and much more...

Give a Plugin Gift. Buy any of our video effects plugins or bundles as a gift. It will be emailed when specified, with your message!  More...

custom film dissolve transitions plugin

organic flow of video effects in scene

Ken Burns pan zoom effects

abstract/creative video effects plugins

animated text effects / title effects

adjustable cartoon video effect

cartoon video effect for Movie Maker

fast, customizable film look effects

cosmetic smooth skin effect

color/contrast effects for Movie Maker

3D transitions and title reveals

soft transition plugins for Sony Vegas

stop-motion / video time effects

organic picture-in-picture effects (pips)

picture-in-picture effects in Movie Maker

cool effects for Windows Movie Maker

motion trail & ghosting effects

glow effects / flash transitions

creative video fx / music video effects

soft/dreamy wedding video effects

Adobe Premiere effects plugins | Adobe Premiere Pro effects plugins | Adobe Premiere Elements effects plugins | Adobe After Effects plugins

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FilmTouch Film Looks effects plugins | DissolveMaster transitions plugin | SpiceMaster transitions & video effects plugins
CreativEase video effects plugins | 3D Six-Pack transitions plugin | SpiceFX for Windows Movie Maker effects plugins/add-ons

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