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SpiceMaster video transitions plug-ins price
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SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but
may soon!
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Download the DEMO pluginThe Top Soft/Organic Video Transitions Plugin
AND Video Effects Animation Plugin!


Welcome! SpiceMaster™ has long been digital video's leading video transitions plugin and effects animation plugin for creating custom soft/organic transitions between two video clips, or animating other video effects within a SINGLE video clip, greatly enhancing your creative flexibility with your video editing software. Pixelan spices have been used by more than 250,000+ video editors worldwide!


SpiceMaster 2.5 video transitions and effects plugins are available for Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Vegas Movie Studio, CyberLink PowerDirector, and Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro. SpiceMaster 2.5 plugins come in TWO flavors -- TFX and PRO:

SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX video transitions plugin

$39 SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX


$29 limited-time introductory price for the new CyberLink and Magix versions.

The TFX version is the most affordable choice to get hundreds of soft/organic spice transitions and powerful soft/organic animation of your other video effects. SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX includes:

400+ Industry-Leading Softenable Custom Video Transitions.
From subtle 'directional' dissolves to cutting-edge looks, SpiceMaster gives you fresh, USEFUL alternative transitions to the typical hard-edged video transitions and overused 3D moves found in your video editing software. ALL video transitions in SpiceMaster are completely customizable for position, direction, speed, softness, etc.

• Animation of OTHER Video Effects. SpiceMaster is much more than a video transitions plugin! In seconds, easily animate any other video effects applied to a SINGLE clip -- therefore where color changes, blurs, or ANY OTHER video effects in your video editing software appear within a scene!

• THOUSANDS of Pre-Made Effects. Choose from a HUGE range of pre-made professional effects presets. Or with a few clicks, easily combine presets into thousands of compelling new video transitions or effects! Save and organize favorites, too!

• Incredibly EASY to Use. NO steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike other video FX software. Even novices can apply powerful custom transitions and effects within minutes of their first SpiceMaster use.


SpiceMaster 2.5 Pro video transitions plugin and effects plugin

$59 SpiceMaster 2.5 PRO

$49 limited-time intro price for the new CyberLink and Magix versions. Already have the TFX version for CyberLink? Then upgrade to the PRO version for just $20.

SpiceMaster 2.5 PRO plugins includes ALL TFX features at left PLUS the below...

600 amazing OrganicFX -- our exclusive top-rated spices. Altogether, PRO has 1,000+ terrific spice geometries to choose from -- all easily customizable! Use them for unique video transition geometries and for unique ways to animate your other video effects within a single clip.

• The MIXER. The PRO version's powerful MIXER control creates beautiful directional dissolves. Use it to blend the spice geometries with a luminance-based dissolve transition that ties visually into your subject/scene!

• Soft/Organic Title Effects and Picture-In-Picture Effects (PIPs). Apply animated soft/organic spice effects to text, titles, logos, and picture-in-picture effects (PIPs), giving you many more creative options than 'old' standards.

• EASY Bezier Keyframing. Smoothly accelerate or decelerate virtually any SpiceMaster quality with just a few clicks. Each control is individually keyframable.

• Extra Adjustments. The PRO plugins include several extra controls to modify a transition or effect's edge softness, dynamic texture, multiple-color borders, rotation/spin effects and bevel/ripple depth enhancements. Cool!

For a detailed feature comparison between SpiceMaster 2.5 TFX and PRO, click here.




• Adobe Premiere Pro/Elements version: Compatible with Windows versions of Premiere Pro (any CS version or CC Creative Cloud version) and Premiere Elements (any version).

• Adobe After Effects version: Compatible with Windows versions of After Effects (any CS version or CC Creative Cloud version).

• Sony Vegas Pro/Vegas Movie Studio version: Compatible with all versions of Sony Vegas/Vegas Pro (32-bit or 64-bit) and Vegas Movie Studio 6 or later.

• CyberLink PowerDirector version: Compatible with PowerDirector 12 or later.

• Magix Movie Edit Pro/Video Pro X version: Compatible with Movie Edit Pro 18 or later and Video Pro X4 or later.


SpiceMaster transitions plugin overview  

SpiceMaster Plugin Overview


If you watch only one SpiceMaster movie, see this. It shows many uses of SpiceMaster's custom soft/organic transitions. It also shows compelling examples of how spices can softly/organically animate your video editing software's OTHER effects (built-in or third-party plugins) within a single clip. Throughout the movie are soft/organic title effects from SpiceMaster PRO. Plus a cool example of the PRO version's soft/organic picture-in-picture (PIP) effects. Enjoy!

SpiceMaster video transitions plugin -- 40 examples  

40 Real-World Examples of Transitions, Title Effects, and Video Effects Animations

This seven-minute SpiceMaster movie presents all of the brief examples below on this page. SpiceMaster has long been known as the leading soft/organic video transitions plugin. However, the plugin is ALSO terrific for custom title effects AND softly/organically animating OTHER video effects within a SINGLE clip, such as color changes, blurs, etc. within a scene. This movie shows what we mean in real-world editing situations. Enjoy!


To see more movies, click here.



SpiceMaster Features/Advantages

• Hundreds of Industry-Leading Soft/Organic Customizable Video Transitions
• The Compelling Power of Softness for Video Transitions
• Cutting-Edge Organic Effect Looks (PRO only)
• Customize/Animate Virtually ANY OTHER Video Effect
• The Amazing MIXER for Film Dissolve Transitions (PRO only)
• Unique Animated/Soft/Organic Picture-In-Picture Effects (PIPs) (PRO only)
• Soft/Organic Text Effects for Titles & Graphics (PRO only)
• Complete Creative Control Over Video Transitions and Effects
• Bezier Curve Keyframing to Accelerate/Decelerate
• Depth for Other Effects
• Real-time Previewing
• Minimal Effect Setup Time
• Resolution Independent Effects
• Incredibly Easy to Use
• 100+ Undo/Redos
• THOUSANDS of Pre-Made Video Transitions and Effects Animations
• Visually Choose & Compare Effects and Transitions
• Save & Recall Favorites Effects and Transitions
• GREAT Help

• Hundreds of Industry-Leading Soft/Organic Customizable Video Transitions. From subtle 'directional' dissolve transitions -- a compelling alternative to standard dissolve transitions and fades -- to cutting-edge organic video transitions, SpiceMaster gives you fresh, USEFUL alternatives to typical hard-edged video transitions and overused 3D moves. ALL SpiceMaster video transitions are completely customizable to integrate them visually and beautifully into your scenes. Spices have been used by more than 250,000+ editors worldwide!

 video transitions plugin feature

• The Compelling Power of Softness for Video Transitions. Softness is a simple but compelling treatment that the SpiceMaster plugins specialize in. It is a key advantage over most other video transitions and effects. SpiceMaster provides up to five types of adjustable softness -- use individually or blend them. Even for pure "cuts and dissolves" projects, SpiceMaster's ultra-soft 'directional' dissolves can add a wonderfully subtle hint of movement or geometry to lead the viewer's eye.

• Cutting-Edge Organic Effect Looks (PRO only). SM2.5 PRO's huge range of organic effects/transition geometries include bursts, climatics, plasmas, erosions, strokes, vapors, etc. These can be ideal for cutting-edge effects in music videos, sports videos, wedding videos, corporate videos, etc. Apply them as an organic video transition between two clips or as an organic video effects animation in a SINGLE clip (see below).

 video transitions plugin feature

• Customize/Animate Virtually ANY OTHER Video Effect. In seconds, you can easily control and animate where color changes, blurs, distortions, or ANY OTHER video effects (built-in or 3rd-party) appear within a SINGLE clip's image (as shown below) -- an VERY useful capability that leverages the power of all of your built-in video effects and effects plugins.

 video transitions plugin feature

• The Amazing MIXER (PRO only). The Mixer is an easy-to-use control that can mix any spice geometry you choose with elements in your scene -- a great way to add organic flow when you want your transition or effect animation to strongly relate to your imagery.

 video transitions plugin feature

• Unique Animated/Soft/Organic PIPs (PRO only). No longer must you limit PIP effects (picture-in-picture effects) to hard-edged rectangles. SpiceMaster PRO can easily frame PIPs with a different shape, soft edge, glow, organic border, shadow, special texture, or numerous other edge treatments. You can even create PIPs with organic shapes that animate!

 video transitions plugin feature

• Soft/Organic Text Effects for Titles & Graphics (PRO only). SpiceMaster PRO powerfully supplements your built-in titler or title software. Reveal or hide text, titles, logos, lower-thirds, etc. with a beautiful 'directional' dissolve or a flowing, organic edge. Blend and animate content, colors, highlights, effects, etc. WITHIN text. Feather text rolls/crawls seamlessly as they enter or leave the frame, a graphic, or a PIP to add a classy touch.

 video transitions plugin feature

• Complete Creative Control Over Video Transitions and Effects.
For any of SpiceMaster's hundreds of video transitions and effects, customize the geometry, position, direction, speed, softness, organic edge, animation, border, glow, and shadow. The PRO version adds extra controls for rotation/spin, texture, borders, depth, bevel, ripples, etc. to help you achieve that "just right" look.

• Bezier Curve Keyframing to Accelerate/Decelerate. Use bezier curve keyframing to smoothly accelerate/ decelerate speed in SM2.5 TFX, or virtually ANY parameter in the PRO version. Motion-track the video transition or effect with a moving subject with a few clicks and drags -- nothing complicated to learn!

 video transitions plugin feature

• Depth for Other Effects. Add photo-realistic shadows, glows, bevels, ripples, etc. to ANY OTHER video effect/filter or key in a clip. Instant creative possibilities to add layering and depth to your video effects.

 video transitions plugin feature

• Real-time Previewing. SpiceMaster previews real-time in its built-in preview (most computers) AND near-real-time from the timeline of Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

SM 2.5 TFX interface
video transitions plugin interface

SM 2.5 PRO interface
video transitions plugin interface

See AE version interface

• Minimal Effect Setup Time. SpiceMaster's intuitive interface reduces your effect setup time, an especially important time-saver when creating complex effects -- and often far more important than any rendering time. All controls are visual and easy to understand. You can adjust and fine-tune interactively while previewing.

• Resolution Independent Effects. Both versions of SpiceMaster can handle ANY video output standard, including 16:9 and HD.

• Incredibly Easy to Use. Unlike many other effects programs, with SpiceMaster you can avoid a steep learning curve and fat manual. Even novices can create powerful SpiceMaster effects within minutes.

• 100+ Undo/Redo's. SpiceMaster's deep undo/redo capability allows you to experiment freely.

• THOUSANDS of Pre-Made Video Transitions and Effects Animations. Choose from hundreds of professional presets to instantly apply a video transition or effects animation. Or with a few clicks, combine SpiceMaster's huge collection of section presets into entirely new video transitions or effects animations -- THOUSANDS of compelling combinations are easily possible!

• Visually Choose & Compare Effects and Transitions. Browse the visual Library to quickly compare and choose from related effect geometries, which preview side-by-side in real-time. Organize and manage the effects effortlessly. Click here to view

• Save & Recall Favorites Effects and Transitions. Save and instantly recall frequently used effects, organized by project, client, favorites, or any other category you desire.

video transitions plugin guide
Click here to see full-size

• GREAT Help. Instantly access comprehensive, context-sensitive, visual help -- and enjoy FREE tech support. The SpiceMaster download includes a printable two-page Quick Start Guide that in 5 minutes will tell you all essentials about how to apply and use SpiceMaster (see at left).

To see movies of cool effects from SpiceMaster, please click here.

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