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Plugin Specials

• Buy two licenses or versions (such as for After Effects and Vegas) of any plugin or bundle -- you'll get the second one at HALF-PRICE

Bundle Deals

Blur-Sharpen ToolsFilmTouch 2.0 Film Looks EffectsDissolveMaster -- transitions plug inBlurMaster -- transitions plug inSpiceMaster PRO -- transitions pluginCreativEase -- effects plug ins3D Six-Pack -- transitions plug in$199 ULTRA Bundle

$361 total value; SAVE $162

ALL of our Vegas plugins at right (Pro versions)
plus 2 BONUS plugins:
• FilmTouch Pro for Photoshop
• Smart Sharpen Pro for Photoshop

Blur-Sharpen ToolsFilmTouch 2.0 Film Looks EffectsCreativEase -- Sony Vegas effects plug-ins

$129 Effects Bundle

$185 total value; SAVE $56

5 Vegas plugins:

• Blur-Sharpen Tools (all 3 Pro effects plugins)

• FilmTouch Pro
• CreativEase (all Packs)

DissolveMaster -- Sony Vegas transitions plug inBlurMaster -- Sony Vegas transitions plug inSpiceMaster PRO -- Sony Vegas transitions plug in3D Six-Pack -- Sony Vegas transitions plug in

$99 Transitions Bundle

$176 total value; SAVE $77

4 Vegas plugins:

• DissolveMaster
• BlurMaster
• SpiceMaster Pro
• 3D Six-Pack

SpiceMaster PRO -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin3D Six-Pack -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin

$69 PRO Bundle

$88 total value; SAVE $19

2 Vegas plugins:

• SpiceMaster Pro
• 3D Six-Pack

SpiceMaster TFX -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin3D Six-Pack -- Sony Vegas transitions plug-in

$49 TFX Bundle

$68 total value; SAVE $19

2 Vegas plugins:

• SpiceMaster TFX
• 3D Six-Pack


VEGAS Pro Plugins & VEGAS Movie Studio Plugins by Pixelan
Affordable, Useful Effects & Transitions -- Giving You Fresh Creative Results

Download our DEMO Sony Vegas plugins for VegasWe offer Vegas effects plugins, transitions plugins, and title effects plugins for Magix (formerly "Sony Vegas") VEGAS Pro and VEGAS Movie Studio that are powerful and uniquely useful -- and affordable! They will give you complete creative control that goes far beyond your built-in effects and transitions. Each Vegas plugin works in both versions of Vegas -- so if you use Vegas Movie Studio now and someday may upgrade to Vegas Pro, there will be no need to re-buy a Vegas plugin from us. Click any Vegas plugin below to learn more, see example movies, and to download a fully-functional demo version to try on your own clips.

Compatibility: EVERY Vegas plugin below is compatible with 32-bit/64-bit Vegas Pro 10 or later -- and Vegas Movie Studio 11 or later. ALL of our plugins are compatible with any version of Windows that Sony Vegas is compatible with, including Windows 8 and 10.

Effects Plugins


Transitions Plugins

Blur-Sharpen Tools -- Sony Vegas effects plugin   BlurMaster plugin for Sony Vegas

$24/39 Blur-Sharpen ToolsDissolveMaster plugin for Sony Vegas
NEW fx plugins for organic blurs, easy blur masking, smart blur/sharpen, title fx, etc.


$39 BlurMasterDissolveMaster plugin for Adobe After Effects
All-In-One Vegas plugin for blur transitions of all types

Three NEW hardware-accelerated blur (and sharpen) effect plugins that give you organic control over where the blur effect occurs in any image. Unique blur blending and blur title effects. Plus smart blur & sharpen as in Photoshop, optimized for HD/4K video!

Click here to learn more


BlurMaster™ is the ultimate tool to create blur transitions of all types including linear, spin, zoom, cross, spiral blurs and beautiful new blur combinations never before available. Includes 750+ useful transitions effects presets!
Click here to learn more

FilmTouch 2.0 -- Sony Vegas film looks effects plugins   DissolveMaster -- Sony Vegas effects plugin

$29/$49 FilmTouchSpiceMaster plugin for Sony Vegas
The BEST VALUE film looks effects plugins with exclusive advantages over all others


$49 DissolveMasterDissolveMaster plugin for Sony Vegas
The ULTIMATE Vegas plugin for custom film dissolves, fresh fades & subtle looks

FilmTouch™ 2.0 is our GPU-accelerated film look effects plugin. A $29 'basic' and $49 PRO version, each offering key advantages over competing film look plugins. A great way to give your videos and digital films more emotional impact and visual power.
Click here to learn more


Create CUSTOM film dissolve transitions, ultra-soft directional dissolves, blur dissolves, glow/flash dissolves and beautiful new dissolves and fades never before in Sony Vegas or a Vegas plugin. Hardware-accelerated FAST and includes 500 cool presets.
Click here to learn more

CreativEase -- Sony Vegas effects plugins   SpiceMaster -- Sony Vegas transition plugins

$19/$49 CreativEaseCreativEase effects plugin for Sony Vegas
Easy-to-use Packs of unique color effects, blur effects, motion/time effects & more


$39/$59 SpiceMasterSpiceMaster plugin for Sony Vegas
The industry-standard for soft/organic "spice" transitions, PIPs and title effects

11 Vegas plugins in six Packs: Color Effects, Blur Effects, Depth Effects, Grain Effects, Time Effects, etc. Just $19 per Pack or $49 for all. A wide range of fresh, unique Vegas effects plus useful ways to smooth skin, cleanly crop frames, etc.
Click here to learn more


Super-softenable "spice" transitions customizable to the exact look you desire. Two versions: $39 TFX and the powerful (but easy to use) $59 PRO. The PRO version also does organic PIPs and title effects. Includes 1,000+ useful transitions effects presets!
Click here to learn more

best plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements
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for Sony Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio, please click here. Thanks!

  3D Six Pack -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin
  $29 3D Six-Pack3D Six-Pack transitions plugin for Sony Vegas
Hundreds of 3D transitions and title reveals in one easy, affordable Sony Vegas plugin
  250+ beautiful 3D transitions in one affordable Sony Vegas plugin. Better-looking, more realistic than built-in 3D transitions. Stunning page-turns/rolls, wind, gravity, bursts, & particle transitions. Also a handy Sony Vegas plugin for TITLES, lower-thirds, etc.!
Click here to learn more

Blur-Sharpen Tools -- Sony Vegas blur-sharpen effects plugins
FilmTouch -- Sony Vegas film look effects plugins
DissolveMaster -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin

BlurMaster -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin

SpiceMaster -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin & video effects plugin
CreativEase -- Sony Vegas video effects plugins

3D Six-Pack -- Sony Vegas transitions plugin

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