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Example Movies of SpiceFX 6 Effects & Transitions for Movie Maker

One of the best ways to quickly get a sense of what our Windows Movie Maker add-ons can do is to watch example movies of their video effects and transitions. Click below to see the movies, but note that many more movies are at our Pixelan YouTube channel, including lots of terrific movies submitted by users there. Enjoy!

Movies of SpiceFX 6 Wizards Video Effects & Transitions








SceneFixer Movie Maker effects   Pan Zoom Movie Maker Effects   TitleFX Movie Maker text effects   PerfectPIP Movie Maker transitions
view at YouTube

view at YouTube
view at YouTube
view at YouTube

Movies of SpiceFX 6 Video Transitions Packs

SoftFX T1


CoolFX T3


Particles T5



SoftFX Transitions Movie   CoolFX Transitions Movie   Particle Transitions Movie    
1MB | .5MB

3MB | 1MB
3MB | 2MB

Movies of SpiceFX 6 Video Effects Packs

Animation FX E4


Cosmetic FX E5


Film Effects E6


Time Effects E7

Animation Effects Movie   Cosmetic Effects Movie   Film Effects Movie   Time Effects Movie
3MB | 1.5MB

2MB | 1MB
2MB | 1MB
1.5MB | 1MB

WOW Effects E8







WOW Effects Movie            
4MB | 2MB


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