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SpiceFX For Movie Maker User Reviews & Press Reviews

"Pixelan's PanZoom Wizard breaks through the limits of Photo Story. What limits? [1] An image more than 7,200 pixels in width or height can't be imported into Photo Story 3... [2] As video in recent years has moved more and more to widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, Photo Story stayed at standard 4:3 mode... Movie Maker and Pixelan’s new Pan/Zoom tool have toggles in their settings… select either standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9. [3] The third limitation is the panning and zooming motion itself. It’s linear motion in Photo Story and I don’t know any way around it. Motion in the analog world is sometimes linear and sometimes not... This new Pixelan Wizard includes options for linear or non-linear motion during a pan zoom. This feature alone captured my attention for a couple weeks as I explored the new package."
John "PapaJohn" Buechler, Bright Hub Digital Video Host

"After having installed the nearly 600 effects on offer and gladly noticing that the performance of Movie Maker appeared unaffected by the vast amount of extras, I've got to say that this software bundle from Pixelan Software appears very impressive. From the very subtle cosmetic filter effects to the jaw dropping ripple illusions, many bases have been touched. As I've been exploring these effects, the more I like them. By grouping them into themed sets, it is very easy to create a video without veering off at wild tangents for the sake of variety. The variety is there within the themed packs but the differences are subtle enough to immortalize that special occasion video with effects that have a continuity... [In the PanZoom Wizard] creating custom zooms and loading them in to Movie Maker is intuitive and enables a degree of creativity in those that are fearful of going the custom xml route! I think they should be applauded for their efforts in this area."
Alan Oakley, HitTheBongo's Movie Maker FX Corner (click here for full review)

"What's interesting about the SpiceFX for Movie Maker is how easy they are to install, how intuitive they are to use, how well they work, and how reasonably priced they are... Windows Movie Maker ships with some basic transitions, which are fine as is. What Pixelan brings to the table is adding to your projects the kind of transitions that the pros use... Pixelan's special effects are also excellent. I was very impressed with the quality of these effects, both in their immediate application within Movie Maker and in their appearance in the final rendered version of my video. Like the transitions, the Pixelan effects are a snap to use and fit in perfectly with Movie Maker's user interface and operational style... For the price, quality, and ease of use, SpiceFX can't be beat."
Carl Plumer, Desktop Video Guide, About.com (click here for full review)

"These are also easy to install and use. I think Pixelan packages have the best look and feel for the novice and intermediate users. Each of their effects and transitions is professionally done and fits comfortably into the Movie Maker user interface."
John "PapaJohn" Buechler, www.papajohn.org

"The Pan Zoom effects enabled by Pixelan are impressive, and they allow Movie Maker to create impressive looking (and very entertaining) slide shows... The company offers effect packs that any serious Movie Maker producer should strongly consider... If you don’t have the Pixelan [Correction] Effects pack, you’re totally out of luck, because Movie Maker has no subtle color adjustments; they're all wild, psychedelic, artistic special effects rather then the subtle curative effects that Pixelan supplies."
Jan Ozer, in his book Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2

"[5 out of 5 stars] Wonderful Inexpensive Add-on to Windows Movie Maker. We love the power this adds to Windows Movie Maker. The PanZoom Wizard is a killer app and the transitions are a nice add too. We bought Avid Liquid for over 5 times as much but the power and ease of this app teamed up with Windows Movie Maker, we just keep going back to it."
Kevin Carney, www.moviedemo.com

"Just want to tell you how happy I have been with these added effects and transitions over the last couple of years I've been using them. They have been an upgrade to my existing Movie Maker which has proved invaluable to the quality of my finished projects, both professionally and in my hobby work as well. I will be purchasing your available upgrades very soon, because they are well worth it, and an excellent value. Please place me on your mail list for any specials or new products."
James Beer, Chula Vista, CA

"These transitions and effects are top-notch, and put Movie Maker in a class of much higher-end video production software without adding the overhead that they bring."
Dave Kish, Phillipsburg, NJ

"Yet again a brilliant set of tools. Worth every penny."
John Kelley, www.the-kellys.org

Thank you so very much for your prompt response. This is the type company I enjoy doing business with. Love my transitions and effects."
Phyllis Walton, Arlington, Texas

"I just wanted to say thank you for some beautiful new effects!!! The time effects are my favorite! Very excited to play with these!!!! I have almost every pack Pixelan offers and am a huge fan!"
Stephanie Gehrls, Eagan, MN

"I would just like to say how impressed I have been with the service you have given me. It has been excellent and other companies could do well to take a leaf out of your book. Once again, many thanks."
Dave Nicholas, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead, UK

"I have been a customer and user of a variety of the Pixelan products for over 8 years. They outshine other companies with a wonderfully friendly staff and excellent response time! I highly encourage doing business with this company!"
Deborah Hill, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This is a fan letter. I simply love all the special effects and transitions you have written for Windows Movie Maker. Last year, I made a simple holiday video to share with family and friends. I was pleasantly surprised this year, when checking for updates, to discover the availability of your software packs to enhance Movie Maker. My video this year is WAY better -- thanks in no small part to all of the special effects I was able to use from your software. Now when I see effects in TV and movies, I keep thinking things like, "Oh yeah, that is like Time Ghosting 3" or "I can do that transition!" ... Bravo for making a very fun, very usable, very stable product!"
Margaret Ma, San Jose, CA

"In addition to having outstanding products, your firm is very easy to do business with, which is and uncommon trait in these high tech markets. In June of last year, I purchased 3 of your transition packs for Windows Movie Maker. They were great, but that's not all. At the time of the sale you provided lucid email instructions in the event, that I should need to reinstall. Well, wouldn't you know, last November, I moved from Michigan to Minnesota, junked my old computer, but retained the instructions and the Installer you provided with my original order. Today, In about 10 seconds, I reinstalled the packs into Windows Movie Maker on my new computer. Not a second of my time was wasted emailing or phoning. Kudos to Pixelan."
John Kratz, Woodbury, MI

"Thank you Pixelan. I'm new at the video editing scene and was doing on-site editing for a wedding using Movie Maker 2. The SpiceFX Packs I got was the best thing that happened to me. I was contemplating in getting a MacBook Pro to replace my current laptop for the onsite editing. Coz everybody in the industry has one. But I later realized that I don't need to get a new laptop. I'm getting the same effects from the Mac. Whew! Saved me some money there. Its really worth every cent!"
Anthony Araneta, Manila, Philippines

"Your effects and transitions work great in Windows Movie Maker. Astonishing ease of use and results. It is amazing how you can layer effects, one on top of the other to create multiple effects all at the same time."
Dave Nanney, Haines, AK

"Thanks so much. Your web site has enriched my family memories. I was new at Movie Maker and Pixelan, but boy I am glad I found you. Since, then I have advanced my movies. Thanks for existing."
Marian Hume, W. Palm Beach, FL

"I see customer service is number one to you. Thanks a lot, really thanks."
Keith Benning, Ann Arbor, MI

"I just wanted to send a thanks email for your technical support. I had a question about downloading again after a hard drive change. Yours was a quick and simple to follow reply and I just appreciate good customer service these days. I really dig the additional effects for Movie Maker and I think I spent like two hours just toying around with everything after I re-downloaded. Thanks again for the great customer service and great product. This amateur looks forward to "movie" making!"
Athena Marcum, Lincolnton, NC

"Wow! You are FAST... AND as good as I have come to expect from you folks. Thanks, again, for both the great service AND the great product!"
Mary Scott, Lancaster, CA

"A quick note to thank you for you 1st class service. You plugins are fantastic and take away a lot of pain when editing many clips as I do day in day out, so when I lost my laptop HD last week I really felt the effects of losing these fantastic tools! But within less than 24 hours, in fact less than 12! You had me back up and running again! Certainly got my eye on some more plugins and I'll be heading back here very soon. Thanks again, the service is absolutely Top Notch!"
Mike Taylor, Taylor Broadcasting Services Ltd., Salisbury, U.K.

"You guys are fantastic. Its 10pm on a Friday night here and you have been able to give me this info within 10 minutes. I am now back up and running. Thanks for all your help -- would definitely recommend you to anyone."
Richard Huckett, Chelmsford, UK

"You guys rock like you might not believe. Please tell all your people there you are all appreciated."
Mark Wilson, Las Vegas, NV

"I don't know if you have a mechanism for testimonials, but I just wanted to say how great your customer service has been. I have been using Pixelan for over four years, and will continue to purchase updates as you improve your already comprehensive product line. Customer service is often a lost art ... I'm glad that it was not lost at Pixelan."
Dave Kish, Lopatcong, NJ

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the quick response. I have formatted and reinstalled Windows on my computer and thought it was going to be difficult to get back my software after my computer was infected by a virus. It does pay to have my software legally... Thanks guys you are soon to see my name again for more future products. Once again thanks! You guys are great!!!"
Jose Jimenez, Dorchester, MA

"Thank you so much; that is the most easy thing to get a product I have ever done. The effects are amazing. Wow. Again, thank you so much. I love the personal touch of real people in your place of business. The product is all that I hoped for, and then some."
Karen Hopkins, Fairless Hills, PA

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the outstanding technical service I received yesterday evening. It was 9pm on Sunday night when I had a problem getting the PanZoom effects to work with Windows Movie Maker. I emailed your technical support group and was very surprised to get the problem solved within just a few minutes using a few emails. You guys were very professional in helping me get up and running again.  Thanks again for all your support. It's was a real pleasure to work with you. I have been using SpiceFX for some time and have produced some wonderful video for friends and family. It's a great asset to Windows Movie Maker. I would recommend your products to all user needing special effects just like Hollywood uses. Thanks again and see you at the movies."
Jerry Rye, Fresno, CA

"You have by far the best customer service I have ever encountered in the past 20 years and a good product. I have them all. Look forward to more."
Khalil Ismail, Palm Desert, CA

"Your company exceeds my expectations. Thank you!"
Guy MacKenzie, Jamesville, NY

"Once again, an effort-free installation. You guys Rock! I use your SpiceFX products to add a little production value to my animations, home-made videos (I'm a songwriter as well) and whatever else may need a little tweaking or whatever. It feels like cheating it's so darned easy!! I really appreciate that you make it so easy."
Vic Demise, Temecula, CA

"After using the Pan/Zoom Effects Pack a bit and being quite impressed with the results, I wasted little time in also buying the PanZoom Wizard. Both work so well together and I'm now one extremely happy customer."
Grant Keith, Oberlin, OH

"Just want to tell you how happy I have been with these added effects and transitions for Movie Maker over the last couple of years I've been using them. They have been an upgrade to my existing Movie Maker which has proved invaluable to the quality of my finished projects, both professionally and in my hobby work as well. I will be purchasing your available upgrades very soon, because they are well worth it, and an excellent value. Please place me on your mail list for any specials or new products."
Jim Beer, Chula Vista, CA

"I have just downloaded my transitions and I am most impressed -- not only with your software but excellent customer service too. You are streets ahead of Adorage. All your transitions fit in neatly with my Movie Maker list and did not clutter anything as I had feared it would. The Tranjelly thingy is just great!"
Helena Holton, Australia

"Everything work out perfectly. Your assistance and service is not only appreciated, but prompt and efficient. Thank you and your team once again for extraordinary customer service!"
Tanya Edwards, Bronx, New York

"Thank you for the excellent service and excellent product. It will give me many hours of fun and entertainment."
James Worrell, Lawton, OK

"Believe me, I always recommend your products to all of my friends who make movies and montages."
Phyllis Walton, Arlington, TX

"A great product and you have great service! Geeez, I'm talkin' to a human being on the Internet. Imagine that!"
Guy Mackenzie, Jamesville, NY

"Your products are great, I love them all, easy to use. I would highly recommend all of these, thanks a lot."
Sharon Mordino, Cheektowaga, NY

"Absolutely brilliant! I already rave about the product enough as it is, but now I'll make sure I tell everyone just how professional you guys are when it comes to problems like this one. Thanks once again for expert service."
James Downie, Paisley, United Kingdom

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed your software and the enhancements it has added to my Movie Maker projects. I'm probably not what you would call a 'power-user'. I am a lady in my mid 70's who just makes these little projects for family and friends. Your software makes it easy for me to make it look good. Aside from thinking you have an excellent product, I have been very impressed with the way your people have handled any problems I've run into. You've always treated me with great courtesy and any issue I've had were quickly solved. Thanks for an excellent product. I think you're a wonderful company and I wish you well." Audrey Service, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I have great respect for Pixelan.com. Thank you. You are not only helpful, you are extremely responsive! Please post this to your customer praise area."
Deb Hill, Haleyville, AL

"Doing business with Pixelan Software is one of the easiest things I have EVER done. Even after years since the last communication, all details are retained and the re-downloads are straight forward. I wish I was as organised as Pixelan is!!! Thank you so much for your exemplary support! You may be justly proud of your organisation."
Rob Young, Pooraka, South Australia

"Pixelan software is fantastic -- I was lost without its great effects when I had to reinstall all programmes back onto my computer after nasty virus! I have been able to create some great videos for my church and through them many people have been blessed. THANK YOU."
Kate Neen, United Kingdom


"Just want to say THANK YOU! I think you have gone way beyond what would normally be expected from after sales assistance. Especially for a purchase that only cost me $12. Your efforts have been exemplary and your efforts to assist me have been painstaking.  Thank you very much for your help.  I will certainly recommend Pixelan to my friends at work and at University."

Andrew Bushnell, South Australia

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