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time effects movie example
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SpiceFX 6 Time Effects Pack E7 Has Highly Desired Time-Based Effects!

This SpiceFX Pack for Windows Movie Maker includes 30 ways to add image ghosting effects, motion trail effects, and other cool time-delay effects, such as for sports videos, action shots, or dreamy/surreal scenes. The Pack also includes unique versions of freeze effects such as blended stop-action effects, strobe effects, and flash effects. All of the time effects in this Pack are drag-and-drop and ready to be instantly used in Movie Maker.

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time effects example

Look Dreamy. Slow your clips to create terrific dream looks -- for special segments, weddings, religious videos, etc.

time effects example

Blend Stop-Action. Freeze frames per a set interval, with blending in-between, for an attractive/unique stop-action effect.

time effects example

Emphasize Motion. Use ghosting to highlight motion in the scene or a pan/zoom of a still-image. Echo light or dark, or both.

time effects example

Add a Hot Strobe. Easily apply a strobe effect, a fun effect especially when used with other effects. Add a hot white flash too, if desired.

Please download the demo to try this Pack on YOUR clips. To see an example of these time-based effects, play the movie at left. When applied to YOUR clips, keep in mind the effects will show YOUR content.

• Ghosting 1
• Ghosting 2
• Ghosting 3
• Ghosting Dark 1
• Ghosting Dark 2
• Ghosting Dark 3
• Ghosting Light 1
• Ghosting Light 2
• Ghosting Light 3

Soft Freeze
• Soft Freeze 10
• Soft Freeze 10b
• Soft Freeze 30
• Soft Freeze 30b


• Stop-Action 5
• Stop-Action 10
• Stop-Action 20
• Stop-Action 30

Stop Action Blend
• Stop-Action 5 Blend
• Stop Action 10 Blend
• Stop Action 20 Blend
• Stop Action 30 Blend


• Strobe 2+2
• Strobe 5+2

• Trails Dark 1
• Trails Dark 2
• Trails Dark 3
• Trails Light 1
• Trails Light 2
• Trails Light 3

White Flash
• White Flash 10

Time Effects -- Tips & TricksĀ   General Tips

• These effects need motion/action to be seen. Still-images will not show a time-based effect unless a Pan/Zoom effect is applied FIRST to the image to supply motion.

• Note that these time-based effects are processing-intensive, since by their nature they are sampling information over several earlier/later frames to create the effect seen in each frame. PREVIEWING the effect within Movie Maker may therefore require a few seconds of delay, depending on the speed of your computer. However, when playing your FINAL rendered movie there will be no delay.

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