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CreativEase video effects price
CreativEase video effects price

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CreativEase is a video effects plugin for Windows, including Windows 8 and 10. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon!
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400 Extra Spices -- In the CreativEase™ Extras Plugins Pack

* This Pack is not included in the CyberLink and Magix versions of CreativEase.


Pixelan Software's resolution-independent 'spice' files are useful effects masks built into most CreativEase effects. They are derived from other popular Pixelan products, such as SpiceMaster. Spices provide a quick and easy way to set WHERE a CreativEase effect will appear within a clip's image, without resorting to rotoscoping or laboriously making separate mask files. Spices are fully adjustable for edge softness, size, position, orientation, rotation, etc., allowing you to easily customize them for your intended masking purpose. They also can be bezier keyframed for very smooth acceleration/deceleration and animation.

CreativEase comes with 200 spice files (202 to be exact), a well-rounded basic collection of mask shapes. 400 extra spices (406 exactly) are in the Extras Pack. All 608 spices are shown below. Keep in mind you are just seeing a snapshot representation of the dynamic mask/animation. By exploring our DEMO, you can try spice files in your own CreativEase effects and see first-hand their unique power.

200 Standard Spices

Irises1 Spices

Irises1 spices

Wipe Spices

Wipe spices

Pattern Spices

Pattern spices

Retro Spices

Retro spices

Offbeat Spices

Offbeat spices

Radial Spices

Radial spices

400 Extra Spices

Irises2 Spices

Irises2 spices

Irises3 Spices

Irises3 spices

Bands1 Spices

EdgeIn spices

Bands2 Spices

EdgeIn spices

EdgeIn Spices

EdgeIn spices

Kaleidas Spices

EdgeIn spices

Penetrator Spices

EdgeIn spices

Radiant Spices

EdgeIn spices

Spiral Spices

EdgeIn spices

Split Spices

EdgeIn spices

Videogami Spices

EdgeIn spices

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